Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Clara is 15 days old. She eats a ton. She spits up even more than she eats. And she has at least poops a ton too. I don't know how she is gaining weight, but she is. She has gotten this little double chin that is so cute. This morning for the first time i feel like i am starting to figure her out. She is still a bit fussy when she eats, which makes me still think she has reflux. But the last three days, she has spit up less. But that isn't saying much. She is "Nocturnal" as Brooke has coined it. She is always up from like 12:30 to 4. AHHHH. Hopefully that will begin to get better. It is so fun to see how much and how differently Brooke and Livy adore this little baby. They can't get enough of her. They even want to change her diapers with me. Jackson just follows suite of his sisters, asking if he can hold her all the time. Even though he doesn't really want to. We are loving having this little spirit straight from heaven in our home. Now if i can just figure out how to get her to sleep a little more at night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Livia's family picture

Livia did drawing of our family during sacrament meeting last April.

I asked her to tell me who everyone was, she said "Dad, mom, Brooke, me, Jackson and baby Rebecca. Mom, baby Rebecca will always be in our family even though she isn't here." I was so thankful to hear that sweet testimony. It had been a really hard week and I needed that. The Lord always sends tender mercies.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Jackson is officially potty trained. He tells me when he has to go pee, but we are still working on the other part. He is at that very fun stage of wanting to change clothes every 5 minutes. But he only wants to wear his jammies. I have to bribe him to wear regular clothes. He loves to pull around his "trains". And most of the time when I get tired of helping him change jammies, i put the on the counter when he wants them off until he runs out of them in his basket. And then he is left with just wearing his underwear. I was trying to engrave the picture of him pulling his "trains" around the house in his underwear. Or standing in front of the sunlight through the back door in just his skivs telling me about his "trains".

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dinner Comment

Brooke (Out of the blue): "I know what I would wish for if I had three wishes."
Dad: "What?"
Brooke: "First I would wish for a horse to have as a pet."
Me: "Oh, Really."
Brooke: "Then i would wish that all sugar was really healthy!!"
(Lots and lots of laughs from ben and me. I am thinking this thought process was spurred on by the fact that she couldn't have seconds until she ate her salad....which still put up a fight after years of this rule. Sometimes i just don't think she will ever get it. we aren't budging.)
"And third, I would wish for as many wishes as I wanted."
Dad: "Thats agains the rules!" :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piano Recital

Brooke had her first official piano recital the week before school got out. She did so great. Nana stepped in and played the duets with her at the last minute because her piano teacher had to leave out of town unexpectedly. All of us decided we would still do the recital. So Hedy played with Brooke. I have to say, an hour before the recital was not my shining moment as a mother. I was harping on Brooke so bad because she wouldn't practice, and hadn't practiced all week. (It was a stressful sunday, we had a lot of family coming for dinner, Ben had meetings, I had a meeting, I was bringing the refreshments for the recital and it was so blasting hot....). But after she performed, I thought again what  lesson it is that I need to just let Brooke do her thing, and even if it doesn't turn out how I had hoped, she will learn. But in this case, she excelled even better than she had been practicing the weeks before. So next time, no more harping from me.

Monday, June 18, 2012


The girls were so excited to pick the lettuce for dinner tonight! And they even said they loved the salad. I guess it is paying off to have our own garden.


Yesterday we had a lesson in Relief Society about the importance of the temple. One of the questions posed was 'How do we help our children realize the importance of the Temple? And make a commitment to going there?' Among a lot of answers and discussion came the reminder of taking our kids to the visitor's center. So  I told Ben yesterday that that is what we were going to do for FHE. We kept telling the kids we were going to the Temple for FHE, but i guess i wasn't very clear. They grumbled when it was time to go because they wanted to swim longer with their cousins. But as we were driving there and talking about the Temple, Brooke asks, "Can we go to that place across from the Temple? With the video of the boy falling?" Ben and I both realized she was talking about the visitor's center. When we told her there was exactly where we were going she was jumping for joy! She said she loved that place. We talked more about what her and Livy liked about that place (as Livy fell asleep) and talked some more about the importance of Temples. We got there and were greeted by two exceptional sister missionaries. It was pretty empty, so it was great for the kids to have their own tour of the videos and exploring all the interactive things. It was such a great family home evening. I need to remember more often to take the time to go  there with our entire family, not just at Christmas time for the lights.